Who is Just Done for?

Just Done is a bookkeeping and BAS service for small business owners who work for themselves or use subcontractors. This is for sole traders who are either GST registered or not GST registered. It can also be used for partnerships to have the cash accounting and BAS completed in very competitive manner.

Why is it so cheap? What is the catch?

There is no catch, the team at Fast Rabbit, (the company that owns Just Done) have been working on how to eliminate waste and improve the process for clients for over 5 years. The end result is a dynamic bookkeeping system that is cheap (really cheap) fast and accurate an completed by a company with trained professionals and a tax licence.

What if I use subcontractors?

Our product works for businesses that uses subcontractors. A subcontractor provides an invoice and therefore is like any creditor. Please note that you need to get legal advice regarding insurance and superannuation.

Who completes my bookkeeping and BAS?

Just Done has a team of trained bookkeepers who will complete your bookkeeping and BAS. Simply link in your bank account and your credit card account if you have one for business and we look after the rest.

What changes do I need to make?

The key change you make is to simplify the way you do things. To remain very competitive, we ask that you use one bank account and a bank card with that. When you pay someone online you name them, so we can always work out of it is a creditor or a drawings. This ends the need to run a credit card in your business or pay cash and collect the receipts.

How are my monthly accounts updated?

We receive monthly information from you then our bookkeepers go to work to complete the bookkeeping, prepare your cash flow statements as well as profit and loss and balance sheet when required.

Can I get my annual accounts completed?

Yes, we can arrange this with an accountant or we can have one of our sister company’s complete this for you for a competitive fee. There may be some variation, some clients may be in a partnership, some may have property or other investment that are part of their annual tax returns however, we will have a fixed fee competitive price if you require one.

What if I employ people?

Just done is for businesses that don’t employ people. We are building a product through a sister company The Cunning Fox.

Who will communicate with the ATO?

As usual, you will maintain a relationship with the ATO, where they are able to communicate with you through the post or via the phone.

My bookkeeping and BAS (and maybe my tax returns) are behind – can Just Done get them up to date?

If you have had your head in the sand and want the accounts caught up, we can do this quickly. We need to see what source documents we are working with, and as out bookkeepers working from a bank feed we will need to get a separate quote for you. But the work can be done, quickly to help you move forward.

Who can see my accounts – who has access to the information?

Our bookkeepers can see your accounts and any tax agent you want us to appoint. All your bookkeeping and BAS is processed with bank level secure technology so you can rest assured.

Why doesn't Just Done offer a free trial?

Unlike online accounting platforms, Just Done is an accounting service. We have qualified accountants who work to complete your bookkeeping and BAS. To use Just done is asking us to commit to completing work for you.

What are the advantages of using the service, besides looking like it’s the cheapest bookkeeping service in Australia?

You don’t have to rent, subscribe or but an accounting program or software.

You don’t have to learn and get frustrated with an accounting program or software.

You don’t get behind with the BAS because you were too busy.

The cash flow statement and our accounts are presented in a way so that you can really review and understand the accounts. You really see how you are going.

Your administration side of your business becomes minimal – its means you only have to collect the money owed to you, pay the creditors and check-up on things like insurance.

You don’t have to sweat about the BAS being done on time, we have the bank feed to have the information to complete the accounts.

What if I stop using Just Done?

Just Done is paid monthly so there are no lock in contracts. If you wish to discontinue our service we will help by exporting your data to you.

Do I need to register for GST?

Any business turning over more than $75,000.00 per annum need to be registered for GST.

What can I claim as an expense?

You can claim a deduction for most expenses you incur in running your business, as long as they are directly related to earning an income.


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