Bookkeeping & BAS
For ABN’s who are sole
traders,freelancers and

Our simple, but comprehensive online
Bookkeeping service gets your accounting
done and your BAS lodged on time – every time.

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Get your accounts Just Done from $99/month

Never worry about your
Bookkeeping again.

Never lift a finger, through a bank feed we complete
ALL your bookkeeping, prepare your financial reports
and lodge your BAS.

Dashboard that keeps you up to date.
We send you a cash flow statement, profit and loss and balance sheet

Monthly and BAS quarterly – all completed while you are getting on with life.

virtual accountants
Virtual accountants

Discover the benefits
of Just Done

Discover the benefits of Just Done

BAS completed on time – no more late fines, nasty surprises. You can manage your tax payments, know how your business is doing and relax and not worry about finding all the “paperwork stuff” for your accountant.

Qualified support – we answer queries from clients. Perhaps you want to know if something is claimable, you want to know the effect of some car finance you may take out – just contact us and we will answer your query (and load it into the FAQ if it is new to us.)

You can track your finances with a monthly report. No more quarterly surprises.

You don’t have to

Subscribe and pay for an
accounting package

Learn accounting package and
how to put entries into  it

Run around and find all the infomation for your accountant every quarter

All your accounts are completed by qualified accountants
Fast, efficient and we leave you alone (except when we really need to know something)

plus GST per month

*Yep that’s it, you need to have an ABN, regiter as a client, create the bank feed from your accounts (only you can do this, we only have infomation from your bank account, we can’t touch it) and it’s done “Just Done”

Get Started

How It Works

A bookkeeping service never looked so simple – that’s because it is! With automatic integrations and smart people, self-employed Australia finally can have all the paperwork and compliance looked after. (Annual tax returns by arrangement).

Sign Up

Create your Just Done account and complete your profile, including your business details.

Connect Your Accounts

Log in and link your bank account.

Accounts Completed

Your bookkeeping and BAS completed for you.

View Your Reports

Log on at any time, desktop or mobile, to track your gross income, expenses, profit and more.

Your Business is important to you – And your time is precious

For nearly 25 years the developers of “Just Done” have been working to create a bookkeeping service that took the time wasted in getting the accounts completed, the confusion of trying to understand online accounting programs that just keep getting more and more complicated to use.

Just Done is designed for the 1.2 million self-employed people in Australia who don’t want tax fines, wants a bookkeeping and reporting service that is the most competitive in Australia.

Don’t pay crazy bookkeeping prices and accounting fees when a professional team is waiting to help you for less than all competitors in Australia.

Get on board get it done Just Done
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