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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Just Done for?

Just Done is a virtual accounting and bookkeeping service designed for those who want to get on with their business. We organise your accounts, bookkeeping and tax with minimal involvement and fuss making the process simple! Our clients are individuals who work for themselves as sole traders or within a company structure.

What if I employ people?

Currently Just Done does not offer a service to people or businesses that employ other people.

What if I use sub-contractors?

Our product works for businesses that engage with sub-contractors. As sub-contractors provide invoices, we treat them as any other business-to-business relationship. Please note, you may need to get legal advice regarding insurance or superannuation.

Who completes my bookkeeping and who completes my BAS and tax?

Just Done has a team of trained bookkeepers who will complete your bookkeeping. Simply link your accounts (or upload a CSV file) and upload your cash receipts, and we’ll look after the rest.
We have qualified tax agents who will check through and complete your BAS and tax returns. Unless there is a specific question that needs answering, we’ll do this without bothering you! Once we’ve submitted your return, all you’ll need to do is pay the tax.

What do I need to do to have my accounts completed?

Simply answer our sign up questions, link your bank accounts (or upload a CSV file) and upload your cash receipts. If we need anything else, we’ll contact you.

What do I do with cash receipts?

Scan and email them to us or download our app and snap a picture on your phone.

How are my accounts updated?

We receive monthly information from you then our bookkeepers and accountants go to work and complete your accounts. The information is then uploaded to your dashboard telling you how you performed and what tax you owe.

Who will communicate with the ATO?

Our tax agent has access to the Tax Agents Portal and therefore the Australian Taxation Office will know that our agent is your tax agent. If we receive something from the ATO we will scan it and send it to you, via email.
As usual, you will maintain a relationship with the ATO where they are able to communicate with you through the post or via phone.

My accounts are behind, will Just Done help me get up to date?

If you’ve had your head in the sand Just Done offers catch up bookkeeping services. Sign up today and we’ll be in touch to organise the clearing of your backlog.

Who can see my accounts – who has access to my information?

Our bookkeeping and accounting team will see your accounts as well as the tax agent appointed by Just Done. Our administration staff may also see your accounts. All your accounts and statements are processed with bank-level secure technology so you can rest assured.

What are the real advantages of using this service, beside the low cost?

In short – we look after all your accounts, bookkeeping and tax so you can get down to business.
This means you’ll have more time to relax when you aren’t working.
Just Done has been created by accounting professionals who, after spending 25 years in the industry, have grown frustrated by watching business owners struggle because accountants and bookkeepers can make the work sound more dramatic than it is.
With Just Done, the process is simple.

What if I want to stop using Just Done?

Just Done is paid monthly so there’s no lock-in contract. If you wish to discontinue our service we’ll help you export your data.

What will I see on the dashboard that will help me run my business?

You’ll see your gross income, your expenses and your profit. The dashboard also features an up-to-date BAS debt figure and an estimated tax return.

I think I have a claim, but I am unsure. What do I do?

You can ask us! We’ll clarify if an expense is claimable with the ATO or not.

What if I have another question?

Ask away on our contact page! If it’s a relevant question we’ll add it to our FAQs.


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