Explore all benefits of the Just Done accounting service, designed specifically for the self-employed, freelancers and contractors.

All The Tools You Need

BAS & Tax Statements

Our qualified accountants complete and submit your quarterly BAS and yearly tax. Plus, you get an up-to-date tax estimate so you’ll always know what you owe.

Invoicing Tools

Create your invoices with one simple system. With Just Done’s easy management, you’ll never lose track.

Profit & Loss Statements

All your key figures at a glance, including balance sheets. With Just Done you’ll feel informed and in control.

Track Your Transactions

Don’t let your spending get out of control. Just Done stores all your receipts and helps you track your statements and purchases.

virtual accountant

All The Support You Need

Personal Virtual Accountant

Unlike other accounting platforms, Just Done actually provides you with your own dedicated, personal virtual accountant who will look after your BAS, tax and day-to-day bookkeeping.


It’s easy to forget key dates when you’re running your own business. Once our virtual accountant have completed your BAS or tax return, Just Done will always notify you when it’s time to sign and submit.

Live Chat

We understand that financial matters can often raise more questions than answers. That’s why you can speak with your qualified accountant via live chat.


Added Extras

Secure Technology

All your accounts and statements are processed with bank-level secure technology so you can rest assured with Just Done on your team.

Mobile App

Currently in development, our mobile app will be released shortly with the ability to assist you when uploading receipts and and tracking your finances on the go.

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Our 2.0 Launch!

Get started with Just Done and never worry about your accounting again…

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