Tips & Tricks 3 March, 2017

6 Money-Saving Hacks That Don’t Cost You A Thing

We’re not under any delusions here. Saving is hard. When your budget is already stretched-tight, it’s tough to penny-pinch. But never fear, these money-saving hacks are so simple you can save money without even trying.

1. Shop At The Right Time
Rule number one for saving money is to never shop while hungry. You end up buying everything that looked delicious and blowing your weekly budget, mostly on food that’s not exactly nutritious. Another way to shop strategically is shopping later in the evening, when a lot of foods are often discounted.

2. Plan Your Meals
Set aside some time on Sundays, or before a supermarket expedition, to plan your meals for the week ahead. This discourages you from swinging by the fast food chain on your way home or ordering takeaway after work. You can also pre-cook meals and freeze them for those lazy nights.

3. Use Technology
Try downloading an app that can help you save money. Apps like Acorn assist in saving by rounding up to the nearest dollar every time you shop, then investing the difference.

4. Go Green
Your car costs you thousands of dollars to run every year. Try riding a bike or taking public transport to work. You’re not just doing it for the earth, your health and your bank account will thank you too.

5. Upkeep
Remember that huge bill you got when you had to repair your car after you skimped on changing the oil? How about the cost of getting your cavities filled last time you went to the dentist… five years ago? Spending a little bit of money on maintenance, both personal and professional, will help you save big in the future. Visit the doctor and dentist, get your car and appliances serviced, and you’ll be less likely to fork out a lump sum later.

6. Use Free Services
How much do you spend on gym membership monthly, and how often do you actually go? We’re not saying to quit the gym, but look for a free alternative. Go online for free personal trainer videos that don’t cost you anything, or try doing your workout at the park or local green space to save money. Save money on podcasts and books by going to the local library instead.

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